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FIRST PLACE: Its Sunday. So naturally, songs from the radio are relaxed, laidback and slow, thus, meaning -  "boring." But I so laughed till my tonsils drain when i heard the song(or if you really call it a song, coz for me, i think its KETAMINE!) "  drumroll pls........."LOVE WILL KEEP US ALIVE!!!!"

Tumambling ako day!!!!  Swear! Super bagal, super cheap at super "when we're hungry, love will keep us alive..... talaga!" i mean, ate, could you say that again? did i hear it right? is it something like "When we're hungry?? as in hungry? GUTOM? love will keep us alive talaga? 

Yeah, i know, how literal could i get.. to answer, really: "THIS! literal." super tawa akizm, wala na mas hihirap pa sa kasabihang "when we're hungry, love will keep us alive!!!!!!"  Super hungry, love will keep us alive!!!! hungry hungry, love will keep us alive! 

2ND PLACE:  I went to Tower records, just now, Talkin about Good Vibes.   EVERYONE, I MEAN EVERYONE!! ATTENTION:  Everyone should get a "Vilma Santos Album" - check it, its super tarush, its from Vicor, its like a 40 years special thingy by Vicor! Tangina - ETO AY PARTE NG BAWAT LAHAT NG PILIPINO!  This is a heritage that Vilma is leaving our generation - it features her best rendition of : "Tiny Bubbles", "Bobby, Bobby, Bobby", "Kissin and Huggin"  and, guys, guys, its less than 200 bucks.

So, grab a copy at your favorite music stores.

3RD PLACE:  Please do not forget, that its Madonna's birthday this coming Saturday at Gov't. i dont care where you guys are headed, pero kung nasan man kayo, PLEASE WEAR MADONNA. Please.... 

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